SAC Day 12

Queridos Madres y Padres,

After a warm weekend in the mid to high 80s, today’s weather was amazing and refreshing. It was just slightly overcast and, in my opinion, the perfect 70° weather. After the typical wakeup, Shacharit, then breakfast, the CITs took off for a nature hike and their overnight! For Sessions, Rabbi Hassan taught his groups how to write Hebrew script letters and words with a quill and ink (Safrut). The rest of the morning the entire camp (minus the CITs) spent a lot of time together. We all went to the indoor/outdoor basketball field and played basketball, gaga, and Carol Jacobson did a Henna Party. For the rest of the afternoon kids had a pretty normal day, making posters for Israel Day in Art, building a bonfire and making Smore’s in Wilderness, throwing around footballs and baseballs, baking chocolate chocolate chip cookies in Cooking Chug, and the B2 boys even found time for a water fight.

Dinner was an amazing Chinese sweet-and-sour chicken with rice and veggies, and our night activity was the SAC classic Counselor Hunt! Counselors hid all over campus and campers looked for them, and when they found them, they got points which would let them win the hunt.

Ladino Word of the Day (from Shabbat): Vestido! which literally means the clothing of the Torah, the outer mantle. Its used whenever some non-Torah reading activity occurs, like a skit, and everyone will yell “Get the Vestido!”

Al Vermos,

Rachel Benezra Devine

Communications Director


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