Color what?! COLOR WAR!

I’m sure you all remember from your color war days that breakout usually involves some form of deception or chaos; Someone got fired, bears in the forest; intruders; camp being sold to become Ashkenazic Adventure Camp…

This year’s breakout may have made CAMPING history.

After campers went on a “Run for Bivas”, they ended up in the big field with a cornucopia of boxes in the center of the field. At the sound of “GO!”, one member from each bunk ran to the middle of the field to find their bunk’s box. Back in their area, they ripped open the box to find white sunglasses with a label “SAC COLOR WAR 2015” and instructions to put them on right away. Underneath the glasses, they found packets of color run powder (naturally colored corn starch) and a color-fight ensued, with clouds of red, purple, orange and blue, and unrecognizable campers. Bottom line – it was straight-forward and FUN!

The rest of the afternoon included messy Olympics with toe-painted collages, donuts on a string and whip cream hair salon. Campers had some swim time and all camp soccer (obviously!), a dance-off dinner and our infamous camp-wide game of Capture the Flag.

All in all, it was a great day for campers and staff, and today has proven to continue with more fun sports and events, including the apache race, water sports, soccer games and team presentations this evening. I dont know about you, but I can’t wait to see the beautiful banners and hear the Ladino songs!

Thank you to the Green family for sponsoring this day! If you are interested in sponsoring our talent show, zmirot on shabbat with Hazzan Ike Azose, erev shabbat water fight, or our eruv, please email!


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