Shabbat Shalom U’Mevorach

Shabbat at SAC is a day that you don’t want to miss. All day Friday, campers and staff prepare for this illustrious day. Rabbi Hassan, Chacham Aryeh Greenberg, B3, B4 and CIT campers spent time putting up an eruv around camp, so that we can carry important items (water bottles!) Our kitchen crew cooked up a storm, all food that was sponsored by the ladies auxiliary and the Sephardic brotherhood.  Our campers spent time cleaning up the entire campus in honor of shabbat, and even cleaned themselves up as well! After a beautiful kabbalat shabbat, campers gathered in the cheder ochel for delicious food, including grilled teriyaki chicken, moroccan meatballs, roast beef, fasulia, panezikus, spanish rice, salad and watermelon. Our evening was filled with zmirot, led by Jeffrey Owen, Isaac and Jakey Levy, Ophir Amon and Zach Benezra. Some favorites this year are Agadalcha, Ashir La’E-l, Adir Kevodo and Big Gedalia Gumber. We were raising the SAC roof!

Torah reading was a very special and cultural experience for us. We heard our traditional sephardic nussach, along with an ashkenazic and even a unique Spanish nussach, led by Raffa Bentoliel. The day was filled with borekas, yaprakes, salad, fruit, Shabbat-O-Grams, singing, games with the CITs and our beloved ‘refranes’ game, led by Chacham. In this game, each bunk received a specific Ladino phrase and had to act it so that other bunks could guess which phrase they were representing. Campers had a blast being funny and creative and got a score from our panel of judges as well.

We ended off shabbat with even more singing, divrei torah by Raz Dahan and Zohar Hemmat and a beautiful Havdala. On Motzai Shabbat, B3 and B4,sped off to cash in their prize as  the winners of the Walmart trip at the SAC Auction on Friday, led by Jeffrey Owen and Victor Maimon.

Today we are back to boating, baking and… Seahawks!! Thank you to the Gladstein family for sponsoring the day! For more information about how to sponsor an event or a day at camp, please email!


Chana Shefa, Director


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