Evening Program: Top 5 raise the roof ways to end your day at SAC! & Shabbat from the Eyes of the Hassans

5. Superhero Night: Every camper came to this event dressed up as their favorite superhero. Half of the staff dressed up as super-villains and hid around the campsite while the campers and the rest of the staff went around in groups in search of the bad guys. It was basically like a big game of Hide-and-Seek. When they came back, they were able to take pictures flying over Seattle and competed to figure out who had the most superhero knowledge.

4. Builder Battles: What can you do with half a U-Haul of recyclables? Well, you can have bunks build landmarks and monuments that are Seattle or Israeli themed! Favorites include the Seattle Water-Front and the Kotel.

3. Cake Wars: Seven sheet pans, twenty jars of icing, and an endless supply of candy all leads to campers split into teams and making cakes in theme of Sephardic Adventure Camp.

2. Bonfire: At the end of a long and fun day, campers and staff join together, huddled around the fire-pit. The sense of community is astounding.

And finally, the best way to end your day at SAC is the ever-famous:

1. Stargazing: By day the sports field is a place for sweating, running, and competing in a variety of activities. At night it transforms into a Starry Skied Wonderland. Tarps are put on the grass and campers and staff lie back, relax, and contemplate how big the universe really is.

And now a quick look at a Shabbat weekend at SAC through the eyes of the Hassan family…

“Each day at Sephardic Adventure Camp is special and full of fun with Shabbat as the pinnacle. The moment Shabbat began a special mood permeated the camp. The tefillot were beautiful, the singing lovely, and the food was beyond description. But it was not these elements alone which made Shabbat so magical. There was a heightened level of caring, of achdut, on Shabbat. The campers and staff were all more engaged and in-tune with one another. Often we think this feeling of Shabbat comes when we turn off the TV and phone, but in camp those elements are already absent. The Shabbat feeling was truly special.

On Shabbat day, in addition to wonderful tefilah and food, there were inspirational learning sessions, an impressive round of stump the Rabbi, a leisurely afternoon of board games, and very entertaining Ladino plays put on entirely by the campers. Filling, fulfilling, and fun, there is nothing like Shabbat at SAC!”

– Rabbi and Rubissa Hassan


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