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Queridos Madres y Padres, So much has happened since last week that it’s hard for me to pinpoint only a few things to talk about in this blog post.  After a full week of Sephardic Adventure Camp, last week started off great with campers and staff alike comfortable in their daily routines.  Last Monday’s night […]

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Shabbats at SAC

Queridos Madres y Padres, Shabbat at Sephardic Adventure Camp is fundamentally unique experience unlike any other offered in the country! By combining the traditional teffilot (prayer services) of Sephardic Bikkur Holim and Congregation Ezra Bessaroth with a summer camp atmosphere, the rabbis and staff at SAC are able to shape an unforgettable learning experience for […]

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License to Lead; The CIT journey from camper to counselor

Queridos Madres y Padres, Noa Ollestad is a counselor in training this year at Sephardic Adventure Camp. She is 14 years old, going into her 10th grade year at Northwest Yeshiva High School in Mercer Island, Washington. Being a counselor in training is a unique experience where she is able to experience the activities and […]

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All the News You can Use: Fashion, Friends, and over-all Fabulousness straight from the bunk!

“Our cabin has a lot of dance parties. One night all the girls decided to practice for the talent show that the camp is having but pretty soon it just turned into all of the girls belting out the song ‘Let It Go’ and recording themselves with digital cameras.” -Shaina Stone (G2 Counselor) “One issue […]

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Our team is RED HOT! A color war so hot it can’t be stopped!

Queridos Madres y Padres, Sephardic Adventure Camp got even more exciting with our Color War breakout! The whole camp split up into two teams, Yom Sheini (the second day of creation) and Yom Shlishi (the third day). Since the seas and skies were split on the second day, and land was revealed on the third, […]

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Evening Program: Top 5 raise the roof ways to end your day at SAC! & Shabbat from the Eyes of the Hassans

5. Superhero Night: Every camper came to this event dressed up as their favorite superhero. Half of the staff dressed up as super-villains and hid around the campsite while the campers and the rest of the staff went around in groups in search of the bad guys. It was basically like a big game of […]

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