First Day of SAC 2014

Hey there Sephardic Adventure Camp parents,

My name is Rachel Benezra Devine and I’m SAC’s 2014 Media and Technology Director. This means that I’ll be posting blogs, pictures, and doing my best to show you guys how much fun your kids are having!

Day one has started off great! The kids have arrived safely, unpacked, eaten dinner, and participated in a fun night program called “This Game is Bananas!” where the kids were able to tour Camp Bishop while measuring its landmarks in banana length. Some of the items the kids had to measure included the camp directors and the entire width of the sports field.

The kids have brushed their teeth, taken showers, and are sound asleep. They all had a blast meeting new people and reuniting with old ones.

We’re all looking forward to our first full day of camp!

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Good night!

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