Color War Final Presentations

After a day and a half of intense relays, melodic songwriting and singing, painting, thoughtful Torah study, and of course cheering, Color War 2013 at S.A.C has come to a close.  The schedule of today’s games included all camp soccer, water sports, basketball tournaments, an apache race, and final presentations.  The blue team dominated in the apache race; playing volleyball, racing with human wheelbarrows, and shoving their faces with watermelon in the final event.

Most of the work during Color War goes into the many elements of the final presentations.  Each team prepares a banner that relates to the theme of the year; a song sung by all members; a Dvar Torah; a skit; a camper dressed as a team mascot; the singing of a Sephardic Pizmon (Shabbat tune) of their choice; and finally a team cheer.

This year, there were several themes in Color War.  The two teams were obviously split into two colors, blue and black, but each group represented a different Israeli Maccabi sports team: blue was Maccabi Tel Aviv and black was Beitar Yerushalyim.  Additionally, teams had to incorporate facts and ideas about either the Six Day War (in 1967) or the 1948 War of Independence.  There were also two midot, or character traits, that the campers had to consider in their presentations.  These were Gevurah, strength, or Bitachon, faith.

Blue Team

Led by CIT Raphael Alcabes, the blue team represented Maccabi Tel Aviv, the 1948 War of Independence, and Gevurah.  Aliza Amiel, Sammy Cox, and AJ Maimon dressed up as bumblebees and were the team’s mascots.  The team sang their song to the tune of “Won’t Go Home Without You” by Maroon 5 (lyrics below).  Their banner was a beautiful combination of the creation of the state of Israel as well as the creation of our very own Sephardic Adventure Camp.  Their message was that just as both Israel and SAC are small, they still remain strong not due to their strength in numbers, but rather their inner, personal strength.  This was exemplified by a pasuk (line) from the book of Mishle (Proverbs): “I am counsel and strong wisdom, I am understanding, I am might.”  The Dvar Torah also reflected a similar idea, likening Israel’s victory in the War of Independence to Yitzchak’s seizing of Canaan from the Plishtim not through brute strength, but through self-control.  The Sephardic Pizmon the blue team chose was “Ki Eshmera Shabbat,” and their cheer and skits were done with enthusiasm.

Black Team

The black team was led by CIT Akiva Greenberg.  Their challenge was to incorporate the remaining themes, which were Beitar Yerushalyim, the Six Day War, and Bitachon into their final presentation.  Sivan Shriki acted as the blue team’s mascot and dressed in blue head to toe, complete with an Israeli flag and foil claws.  Each time the black team took the stage to present its elements, it gave clear introductions that outlined the purpose of each component.  These introductions were quite impressive and clearly well thought out by the team.  The black team sung their song in careful unison to the tune of “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers, and their team cheer was an interesting remix of several popular songs.  The banner was sharp and exquisite, depicting an illuminated skyline of the Old City against a black background.  They chose two psukim: “Oh Israel, trust in the Lord, He is their lord and their savior,” and “All who mourn on Jerusalem will witness her joy.”  These two psukim helped to relate both faith in God and the Six Day War.  Black team’s Dvar Torah also discussed these themes.

Campers are now resting peacefully in their bunks.  We are all looking forward to a restful and much needed Shabbat and are excited to have the Adatto family with us for the weekend.  Check out photos from Color War today on Facebook and don’t forget to friend Sac Camp!

Here is the answer to Jeffrey’s riddle from yesterday’s blog:

Student 3 would be able to figure out the color of the hat on his own head by deduction.  After a while, 3 comes to the realization that he must answer. This is because 4 can’t answer, and neither can 1 or 2. 4 can see 3 and 2, but can’t determine his own hat color. 2 can’t see anyone and also can’t determine his own hat color. 1 is in the same situation as 2, where he can’t see anyone and can’t determine his own hat color. Since 1, 2, and 4 are silent, that leaves 3. 3 knows he is wearing a black hat because if 4 saw that both 2 and 3 were weraing white hats, then he would have answered. But since 4 is silent, 3 knows that he must be wearing a black hat as 2 (who he can see) is wearing a white hat. (Answer from


Blue Song – to the tune of “Won’t Go Home Without You” by Maroon 5

We wanted a state, but they wouldn’t listen

Occupation controlled our lives every day


Our hearts remained strong though our homes were broken

Our strength in ’48 gave us our state



Every night black cries themselves to sleep

Thinking Maccabi Tel Aviv

Why does blue always have to go so hard

We do believe that


It’s all over tonight

Blue team’s got it in the bag, that’s right

If black can’t make it through the night

We’ll stand together as Jews


In 65 years, we’ve only got stronger

Whether at SAC or in our holy land


Blue team’s praise is constantly spoken

The judges see our strength ever day




Each team is a part of a place we call our home

Let’s unify as one and never let it go

Blue team will never let it go, blue blue blue


It’s all over tonight

Blue team’s got it in the bag, that’s right

If black can’t make it through the night

We’ll stand together as Jews (2X)


We’ll stand together as blue

We’ll stand together with you

We’ll stand together as Jews


Black Song – to the tune of “Hey Ho” by The Lumineers

We’ve been dreaming for our land

We’ve been praying for Tzion

We’ve been wandering in the dark

But our trust provides a spark

Without a question mark

Divided twenty years

The Old City reappears

A war of six days long

Tzahal stands so strong

We know where we belong



We do all we can

We trust in God’s plan


We do all we can

We trust in God’s plan



We mourn in Chodesh Av

For Yerushalyim Shel Zahav

We can travel through town

We march through Ir David

And the Kotel


Al Tiscach Yemini




Oro – our city shines bright

We hope – Yerushalyim

Cuz Am – Yisrael Chai



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