Stains, Games, and Color Parades

Doors were slamming.  Head counselors were screaming.  One of them even threw a napkin holder.  This kind of outrageous behavior could have only meant one thing…


The head staff staged an intense altercation today at lunchtime before CITs Akiva Greenberg and Raphael Alcabes came flying through the doors of the Mess Hall to break out Color War.

The games began with relays.  The blue and black teams lined up on the shore of Lost Lake, each with a Dixie cup in hand.  The first team to fill a bucket at the end of the line to the top would be the winner, and the black team came out victorious!  Teams then moved into the Mess Hall to balance eggs on spoons, exchange oranges sans hands, and mummify their teammates.

With the intense relays behind them, campers rushed to the field for Messy Olympics.  Hey parents, remember that blog post last week about Israel Day?  Remember that picture of JoJo Gladstein after he had gotten completely covered in mud?  Here’s another picture of JoJo to give you an idea of the Sephardic stains we created today:


JoJo post Messy Olympics, covered in mustard, ketchup, shaving cream, and chocolate syrup.

But don’t worry, this time we let them all dive into the lake to give you a head start on the post-camp laundry debacle.


JoJo after diving in the lake.

The evening concluded with a massive game of capture the flag.  So far, the black team is leading Color War.

Aside from the competition, the 3s and 4s returned from their overnight today and reported positively about the experience.  The campers were escorted to Olympia by Quinn, Sarah, Josh, and their counselors.  Their first stop was at a beach that they soon discovered was an estuary.  Melina Suarez (G4) excitedly announced that at this very beach, Quinn taught her how to skip rocks, a skill that she has been working hard to master.  The group then continued through “steep, narrow paths” according to Jeffrey Owen (B4) while Quinn educated them about the different plants and vegetation around them.  Once back at the campsite, the campers pitched their tents and started a fire in order to prepare dinner.  Over hotdogs and toasted marshmallows the group struggled to solve a riddle told by Jeffrey.  After three hours of mental exercise the campers finally found the answer and then headed to their tents.  Zack Ben-Ezra (B3) said that his favorite part of the trip was hanging out with his friends in their tents and getting the opportunity to really experience nature.  Early this morning, Jeffrey, Josh, Laurel (G3 counselor), Sivan Shriki (B3), and Quinn went on another hike where they saw an owl!  The group came back to S.A.C thrilled with their recent experience and exhausted from their many (Sephardic) adventures.

Jeffrey Owen sets up his tent.

Jeffrey Owen sets up his tent.

(L to R): Melina, Elana, Elianna, and Mriaim at the beach.

(L to R): Melina, Elana, Elianna, and Mriaim at the beach.

Quinn on a hike.

Quinn on a hike.

For all those brave enough to tackle Jeffrey’s riddle, here it is.  The answer will be revealed in tomorrow’s blog, so stay tuned, and don’t forget to “like” and friend Sac Camp on Facebook!

A class was taking a test.  There were four students sitting in a row, each wearing either a black or white hat in alternating order (student 1 was wearing a white hat, student 2 a black hat, student 3 a white hat, and student 4 a black hat).  There is a wall between student 1 and 2.  Each student can only see what is in front of him, they know that there are two of each hat, and no one is allowed to talk.  The teacher explained that whomever can guess what color hat he is wearing would ace the test.  Which student was able to figure out what color the hat on his own head was?

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