First Annual Nona and Papu Day

Sephardic Adventure Camp is a truly spectacular organization.  It is proof that a small group of individuals passionate about sponsoring Jewish growth and continuing Sephardic tradition can make tremendous impacts on many generations of campers and families.  Started in 1955 with collaborated efforts from Sephardic Bikur Holim and Ezra Bessaroth, the camp had a mission to preserve Seattle’s incredibly rich Sephardic roots all while giving its campers and families an enjoyable summer retreat.  65 years later, campers are still singing “Ya Komimos” and walking away from S.A.C with new knowledge and memorable experiences.

In order to celebrate S.A.C’s continuing success, we invited the Nonas and Papus—the grandparents—up to camp for a day, for without them this dream would have never been possible.  The entire experience was beautiful to watch.  An inter-generational event prompts insightful discussions both about the past as well as about dreams for the future.  More priceless than any exchange of words, however, was the look of sheer joy on the families’ faces when they were reunited at S.A.C.

Nona and Papu Day began with boreka making led by Jeanne and Rosie Maimon (those two are the pros!  The borekas were fantastic!).  Campers and their families were then split up into groups to enjoy rotating programming including Pirkei Avot discussions, a tour of Camp Bishop, and Sephardic Family Feud (what do YOU think is the best Sephardic food?).  Throughout the day, grandparents were interviewed about their experiencing at S.A.C and their thoughts on the organization.

Imagine that 65 years ago, you had a vision.  You imagined a place where your children, and your children’s children, and even their children, could come together to grow, to learn, and to enjoy the heritage that you so much appreciated.  Imagine then being able to not only see your vision come true for those generations, but having the knowledge that it would only continue to thrive, to impact, and to possibly change the lives of even more children.  That is the beauty of Sephardic Adventure Camp—it is an organization still growing and still changing lives, and we are blessed to still be able to thank those people who made this dream a reality.





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