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“Our cabin has a lot of dance parties. One night all the girls decided to practice for the talent show that the camp is having but pretty soon it just turned into all of the girls belting out the song ‘Let It Go’ and recording themselves with digital cameras.” -Shaina Stone (G2 Counselor)

“One issue that I normally find during Color Wars is that it leaves cabins divided. However, this was not the case this year. The last two finalists for the “In It to Win It” challenge were members of B2, each were on a different team, so even though one color prevailed, our cabin felt like we were the real winners!” – Kalman Clement (B2 Counselor)

“This week we baked Tia Barbara, our nurse, a cake and we made her a bunch of letters saying thank you because we appreciate how much she does for us.” -Elana Hasson (G3 Counselor)

“During an activity we took a cabin trip to Dead Man’s Island. Half of our kayaks tipped over and we were all soaking wet by the time we got there but it was such a fun experience that I think we’ll all remember for a really long time.” – Itai Amon (B3 Counselor)

“We had a candy party one day with our girls because they were being really awesome one week. So we turned off the lights and played music as they danced in and when the lights turned on they saw the candy we had for them. We talked and hung out together as a cabin and it was a really fun bonding moment.” – Elyse Behar (G4 Counselor)

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