Our team is RED HOT! A color war so hot it can’t be stopped!

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Sephardic Adventure Camp got even more exciting with our Color War breakout! The whole camp split up into two teams, Yom Sheini (the second day of creation) and Yom Shlishi (the third day). Since the seas and skies were split on the second day, and land was revealed on the third, team colors are blue and green, respectively. The kids looked awesome in their themed outfits and there was so much Ruach everywhere you turned.

Teams are assigned points for winning a wide variety of challenges, being on time for activities, and showing the most spirit by cheering and applauding (for the other team as well as their own). After an initial team meeting where campers met their captains (CITs Akiva Greenberg and Noa Olestad for blue and Jeffrey Owen and Tirzah Weisstein for green), campers got right to competing! After an intense game of In It To Win It, where musical chairs meets a scavenger hunt, the camp reconvened in the field for the Olympiada- a series of wacky events such as Seran Wrap races, human sundae crafting, and whipped cream hair styling! To stay cool, campers enjoyed a quick jump in the lake before heading over to dinner.

After eating, CIT Director David Kintzer hosted a dance-off, and we had an all-camp game of Capture-the-Flag to follow. This game is one of the many Sephardic Adventure Camp traditions and every year the kids look forward to playing. Another tradition is that teams set up meals, decorating the Mess Hall with their color’s themed streamers, tablecloths, and even colored water. Every year during Color War, the teams compete in crazy activities like water sports, one game requires the teams to retrieve watermelons covered in vaseline out of the lake, an all-camp soccer game, and the infamous Apache Race.

The competition is heating up and everyone is looking forward to the events to follow.

Al Vuermos (until next time),

Rachel Benezra Devine (Media/Technology Director)

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