Water and Sky Day #4

Queridos Madres y Padres,

It was a beautiful sunny, summer day today at Sephardic Adventure Camp!

Today represented the Second Day of Creation, the separation of the water in the earth and the water in the sky in our camp’s theme – The Seven Days of Creation. Our camp split up for activities today with the older bunks heading out to Wild Waves.  They picnicked on a grassy knoll and then headed down the slides for an afternoon of fun.

Meanwhile, back at camp, the younger bunks settled in for sessions with Chacham Greenberg and Rabbi Owen.  The G3 girls had a big discussion about the Rabbinic requirement to make 100 berachot (blessings) a day.  Noting that this feels like it creates an opportunity to practice something many times, they talked about the other places in their lives that they commit to practicing something and why and how that works to create a connection for them.

While Rabbi Hassan and his family were off with the older bunks, and Chacham was helping drive the older bunks, Rabbi Owen played a few games of prison ball with the counselors and campers. Campers vs staff, bunk vs bunk, lots of variations on this camp favorite and a camp full of kids and staff playing outside together! One thing is abundantly clear: we have the greatest camp Rabbis this side of New York!

After the long hot day in the sun, the whole camp was ready for some R & R and had a great time at Despicable Me night. Everyone dressed up as their favorite characters from the movie and showed off their costumes in the first ever SAC Despicable Me Costume Contest, then settled in to watch the movie.

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Al vermos (Until next time),

Rachel Benezra Devine (Media/Tech Director)

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