Seahawk Day at SAC! (Day #3)

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Another fun-filled day at Sephardic Adventure Camp is in the books.  It was packed with so many activities!

Today the Gladsteins sponsored a camp-wide Seahawk day. Forget the Clink, we have the best 12th man showing right here in Shelton, Washington! The campers, staff, and mess hall were decked out in seahawk blue and green. We celebrated by playing football and eating a beautiful Seahawk meal made by Shulamit and the kitchen crew.  But just because it’s Seahawks Day, doesn’t mean there were any couch potatoes to be found!

In typical Washington State style, the weather today was a little bit sunny with plenty of rain for some moments and plenty of sun with a little bit of rain for others.  The campers lathered on sunscreen, put on their hoodie sweatshirts, and went out to the lake, woohoo! They drank water, swam in water, and threw water balloons at each other.  It was very watery, over-all.

The campers who hadn’t taken the swim test the day before were able to take it today so they could join the waterfront fun and swim, kayak, and frolic in the shallows of Lost Lake.  Several groups of kids paddled out to Dead Man’s Island, an island-lump of overgrown trees where rumor has it campers of old used to overnight before the vegetation took over.

Kids who didn’t want to swim were able to participate in their chugim which included Photography, Science, Archery, and Sports. A special chug for today included Kool-Aid hair dye. The die is not permanent, but there are an awful lot of campers smelling like bug-juice tonight.

The amazing kitchen staff served up homemade pizza, with salad and veggies on the side for dinner.

The night program was Iron Chef SAC!  The campers were given crazy ingredients like cheese puffs, pickles, salsa, chocolate, and much more and were assigned to make an appetizer, entree, and dessert with their bunkmates. Then the judges went around and ate every single dish… Even a crazy hot chocolate concoction made by B3 that had cheerios and salsa in it, yuck!

Finally, we prayed Arvit and the whole camp went to bed so they could get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

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Signing off for now from the 50 yard line,
Rachel Benezra Devine (Media/Tech Director)

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