First Full Day of Camp

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Que haber? Aqui en Sephardic Camp todo es bueno.

We started off our first full day of camp with boundless energy and big smiles! After cabin cleanup and sessions with Rabbi Hassan and Chacham Greenberg, campers split off into bunks to participate in activities such as Arts and Crafts- where G2 painted Head Counselor Josh Gladstein’s face, Media, Boating, Swimming, Archery, and Cooking. Later they got to go to their individual chugim (activities chosen at home) in order to meet and spend time with new campers and staff members who have common interests.

Then, after a beautiful lunch of pasta, caesar salad, fruit, and a mobile hydration station carried by B2 counselor Kalman Clement, not only did we showcase our Ladino word-of-the-day, Bragas, which means underwear – for those of you who don’t know, but we also introduced our camp theme, The Seven Days of Creation with a skit representing Day One – the separation of light from dark.

After an afternoon of fun-filled bunk activities and chugim, including swim tests for every camper led by our lifeguard Tzvia, everyone met back together for a Glow-In-the-Dark party in the mess hall. We blocked off all of the windows, set up glow-stick bowling, limbo, and played a fun game called Coke and Pepsi.

Finally, after sending the 1’s and 2’s off to bed, we prayed Arvit and sung a 15 minute rendition of “Who’s on C.O.D tonight?” (C.O.D. stands for counselor on duty) followed by an all-camp Lila Tov.

It was a wonderful first full day of camp and I know we’re all looking forward to the days to come!

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Al vermos (Until next time),

Rachel Benezra Devine (Media/Tech Director)


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