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As camp is wrapping up, and kids are making their final camp memories for the summer, we pause to reflect on the many wonderful experiences we had at SAC. From our overnights in Dosewallips, where campers learned survival skills with Quinn Rose, to the highly acclaimed Color War where Gevura and Bitachon went at it, and ending off with an incredible Shabbat, full of energy, Pizmonim and borekas, we have been super busy and having fun at the same time. Campers and counselors utilized the Shabbat Songs they learned in Color War to enhance our shabbat meals. Yes folks – this is what SAC is all about.
Thankfully, the weather has been perfect for camp and kids have stayed hydrated throughout the week. Campers took every opportunity to play basketball on our courts, volleyball on the sand and other team sports. Boating has been the most popular activity of the week. Campers geared up with their life jackets as they went kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating and took every opportunity to sail into the clear Lost Lake waters.
Firecrackers were certainly a highlight of the week. Leon Cohen came up for his 4th year with firecrackers and put on one of the most spectacular displays. Campers ate roasted marshmallows under the sparkling sky along with Rabbi Meyers and his family. It was an event that no camper wants to miss.
Tonight, each camper got his/her chance to shine in the talent show and some say it was the best talent show we’ve had here at camp. We love to give campers opportunities to express their personal talents and skills that they have learned at home or at camp. The kids learned about their fellow bunkmates as Ouri Amiel strummed to “Blackbirds”, Sophia Green “trapped” herself in a box and the CITs chopped cinder blocks with Quinn Rose. We knew that our campers have moves, but tonight we were wowed by the many talents of our Sephardic Adventure Campers.
Tomorrow we get ready to go home, but with a new love and appreciation for our campers, our staff and our Sephardic communities that we love so dear. At camp, we bring our community up to camp. Now that camp is over, it’s time we bring our camp back to our community.
Good night and happy Sephardic Adventures!
Chana Adatto-Shefa

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