Boreka or Pizmon?

This weekend marked the final Shabbat at Sephardic Adventure Camp L.  While the last hours of Shabbat were definitely bittersweet, campers and staff came together to sing beautiful pizmonim with amazing energy as a segue into our last days of S.A.C.

Dr. Larry and Sharon Adatto joined us this weekend for Shabbat.  Dr. Adatto gave an interesting learning session to the staff members that explained man’s unique position in the world as a combination of animalistic desires and godly components.  He also spoke about his own experiences at S.A.C and how it influenced his religious development and ultimately pushed him in a more orthodox direction.

Thankfully the weather has continued to be beautiful here at camp and has allowed campers to enjoy basketball and volleyball outside during Shabbat.  CITs also ran programming in the Mess Hall complete with board games, and later campers could play games such as mafia with counselors in the lodge.  The beautiful dairy lunch this Shabbat was sponsored by the Sephardic Brotherhood and was greatly enjoyed by all.

Now I know that many of you reading this are probably confused about the title of this post, and never fear—I don’t leave my readers hanging!  During the staff training Shabbat, we played a game with our very own Rabbi Owen in which we acted out scenarios that portrayed troubled campers.  We then had the option of solving the issue with either a boreka or a pizmon.  Thankfully this Shabbat, all staff and campers were able to have both borekas and pizmonim, because as every Sepharadi knows, that is a choice that no one ever really wants to make.

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