Am Yisrael Chai, Israel and S.A.C at 65!

Do you know what the five holy cities in Israel are?  Can you name at least three of the vast number of innovations created in Israel?  Ever heard this song by the Y-Studs?  The answers to these questions are just a few of the things that Sephardic Adventure Campers learned during Israel Day programming today.  Led and planned by Sarah Varon and Adina Polack, Israel Day is a way for S.A.C to introduce campers to their homeland in a way that fosters pride for the state and sparks their curiosity to learn more about Israel and hopefully visit in the future.

Israel Day began with a fantastic French toast breakfast to get campers ready for the packed day of programming.  After breakfast, S.A.C watched Israel Inside: How a Small Country Makes a Big Difference, a documentary by former Harvard lecturer Tal Ben-Shahar.  This moving film highlighted some of Israel’s most phenomenal, global contributions through Shahar’s eyes, giving the film a personal element.  Campers then headed to a massive game of all-camp soccer.

After Menucha, rest time, a rotation of six programs began.  Stations included energetic Israeli dancing (complete with psychotic strobe lights); making tasty baklava; singing “Ahavat Yisrael B’Neshama;” a shuk (Israeli style marketplace) with sweet treats; trivia; and arts and crafts.  Campers then filled their bellies with Israeli delicacies for dinner: schawarma, Israeli salad, pita and humus.

Suddenly after dinner, a special visitor was introduced—enter Josh Voss, NYHS Class of 2011, who just completed two years in the IDF training with Special Forces!  Josh brought in his uniform, military IDs, and even made a slideshow with photographs that captured his experience.  Campers were rushed to the field for some intense army training with Josh while counselors acted dutifully as sergeants leading campers through obstacle courses and strength training with water guns as motivation.  Oh, and parents, if you’re wondering how dirty your child got tonight…

JoJo Gladstein after his Chayal In Training Program.

JoJo Gladstein after his Chayal In Training Program.

Sorry about that.

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P.S.  Happy Birthday Shimon Gamel!

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