Rain or Shine, We WILL Have Sephardic Adventures!

The weather at Sephardic Adventure Camp today experienced severe mood swings.  It changed from torrential downpours, to peacefully sunny skies, to light and obnoxious drizzles all in a manner of minutes.  But aren’t these unexpected inconveniences the perfect ingredients for some Sephardic Adventures?  Absolutely!  Nothing stopped our campers today from enjoying their first day of chugim and bunk activities, even if they had to wear garbage bags while doing it.

Now, if you’re a parent of a Sephardic Adventure Camper reading this, you’re probably wondering why in the world your child was wearing a garbage bag.  Yes, we know you sent them with a raincoat, and yes, we know that the image of your child donned in a trash bag is far from fashionable, but just check out this picture and you might change your mind about the fashion faux pa.

This lovely snapshot is of some members of the G4 Cabin after trekking through some of the back trails here at Camp Bishop with Quinn, the CIT Director, right in the middle of the heaviest rainfall today.  Melina Suarez enthusiastically described the activity as the “dopest adventure ever,” and Sara Carasso reported that the trip was a great bonding experience for the cabin.  The entire cabin also unanimously agreed that Quinn is “super survivor man” with his ability to lead them swiftly through the trails even in their slightly clumsy attire.  Other activities and chugim included archery, paddle boating, photography, art, and basketball.

After a mouthwatering barbecue dinner, Rabbi Owen surprised us with a timely entrance just in time for “Iron Chef: Chef Barzel” (barzel is Hebrew for iron).  The secret ingredient tonight was onion, also known as “sevoya,” and campers created fascinating delicacies ranging from onion brownies to onion flavored lemonade and even an onion topped version of Mr. Potato Head!  Campers then enjoyed watching Julia Owen, Josh Gladstein, Rabbi Owen, and Sarah Varon sample all of their masterpieces through grimacing faces.  A heads up: Thousand Island dressing and apples are not a good mix.

Tomorrow is the 17th of Tammuz in which we commemorate several national Jewish tragedies by fasting.  These include Moshe breaking the Luchot, the halting of bringing the Korban Tamid, the Romans breaching the walls to Jerusalem, Apostomos the Greek burning a Sefer Torah, and the Romans placing an idol in the Beit HaMikdash, the Holy Temple.  Campers are encouraged to do whatever they can in order to reflect on this solemn day in a safe and healthy way with the help and leadership of their counselors.

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