“Drivin’ Up to Sephardic Camp…” – Day 1

Counselors excited for campers' arrival!

Counselors excited for campers’ arrival!

…And we’re finally here!  Today was the first official day of Sephardic Adventure Camp and it started out with a bang – literally.  Campers rushed off the bus into the Hadar Ochel (Mess Hall) to sing the age-old, official, traditional S.A.C Song, complete with dancing on benches and banging on tables.  Of course, no first day of S.A.C would be complete without the worst weather that Washington State has experienced in the last three weeks, but I’m sure everyone saw that coming.  The last three weeks of gorgeous weather were just too good to be true.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Makena Owens and I’ll be giving you the inside scoop on S.A.C for summer 2013.  This is my third year at S.A.C and my second year on staff.  I was so excited when I finally discovered S.A.C after coming to Northwest Yeshiva High School because, despite my blonde hair and ultimately pasty complexion, I am indeed Sephardic.  This camp creates a beautiful, cultured environment that celebrates the rich history of Seattle’s Sephardic Jews in fun and educational ways for both staff and campers, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Anyway, back to day one.  After spending some time unpacking and getting to know their counselors, campers headed to Mincha, afternoon services, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  By the way, if you haven’t gotten a chance to Meet Our Staff, be sure to check out the introductory page by clicking on the underlined text.  Due to our intensely wet and frigid weather conditions, our Program Director, Adina Polack, slightly adjusted the evening program.  Instead of a counselor hunt, campers played icebreakers, gaga, and ninja inside the Hadar Ochel and the lodge.  G1/G2 and B1/B2 then headed to sleep while the other bunks prayed Arvit, the evening services.

Tonight our counselors are enjoying an early night and get to go to sleep at the same time as their campers.  It takes a counselor to understand that this is a serious gift.  All of the staff members have worked tirelessly since Thursday to set up for camp and are looking forward to some much needed and well-deserved rest so that tomorrow, the first full day of S.A.C, will be the best it can be!

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Itai Amon and B1.

Itai Amon and B1.

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