Israel Day

Yesterday was Yom Yisrael- Israel Day, at camp! From start to finish we ate, breathed and learned about everything Israel.

We started off the day with sessions, taught by special visitors, Hazzan Frank Varon of SBH, Rachely Hemmat and Rabbi Meyers. Campers were taught and tested on their Israel knowledge in different categories like Geography, Biblical references and Famous Israeli inventions.

After sessions the boys and the girls split up to do separate activities. The boys were led by the esteemed Dr. Larry Adatto (a.k.a. Chana and Ephraim’s dad) and Chana’s fiancee Yonatan Shefa, in tzitzit making. The girls cooked baclava and enjoyed Israeli dancing with Rachely Hemmat and Sharon Adatto.

For lunch we had a yummy falafel meal, complete with pita, chips, salad, tehina and babaganoush. Kadima for the Kitchen crew for a job well done! After lunch we had a short menucha and then we had Maccabia games. Campers were divided into teams Maccabi Tel Aviv and Baytar Yerushalayim, to play Ultimate Frisbee and basketball. The fun didn’t stop there, afterwards everyone went with their bunks to rotating stations. In each station we were engaged in different aspects of Israeli culture.

Station 1: Song learning- Ahavat Yisrael Ba’Neshama

Station 2: Israel Trivia

Station 3: Writing letters to Israeli Soldiers and/or letters for the Kotel

Station 4: All camp art project creating a Degel Yisrael

Station 5: SAC Shuk- Market

The night activity, reported to be one of the best ones yet, was Tzahal Boot Camp! The light drizzle provided the perfect weather conditions to crawl through the mud, jump over benches, run around the field and climb the rock wall.


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