2nd Shabbat/Improv/SAC Rodeo

This past weekend we had a wonderful last Shabbat at SAC. We were fortunate to be joined by, not only Rabbi Owen, but also Rabbi Meyers and his family. The parsha was read eloquently by B3 Counselor, Ephraim Adatto in honor of his 7th bar mitzvah anniversary. Although Eli Varon was away, tending to Seattle simchot- Shout out to Sam Amiel and his family, Mazal tov on your bar mitzvah- we still had four delectable meals thanks to head chef, Shulamit!

Last night was packed night at Sephardic Adventure Camp. Three members of an improvisation troupe, Collective came up to camp and performed skits and played various games with all the campers and staff. Each activity focused on a different techniques and ways of interacting. We played a game called You, I and We, where everyone was divided into two lines and the first person from one line would make an You statement, such as: Your braggas are showing. The second person would respond with an I statement, like: I lost my belt. The first person would then have to create a We statement based on the previous dialogue: We should go shopping and buy you a new one.

Following improv, everyone was instructed to go back to their cabins to change into their country western get up and head to the mess hall. In the mess hall we had a Hoe Down Throw Down! There was a boot cake, bull riding and line dancing. We had a rockin good time!

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