Color War!!

On Tuesday morning SAC was visited by Ari Hoffman. Ari Hoffman runs Seattle NCSY and is an active member at BCMH. With donuts in hand, he came to check out the camp and speak to the staff about Rav Lau’s unique appearance in Seattle. He also doubled as a decoy for our color war breakout.

Tuesday night’s night activity was “Mr. and Mrs. Sephardic Adventure Camp”. Just as any other pageant goes, a camper was chosen from each bunk and had to strut their stuff down the runway, answer questions and show off a special talent of theirs. They all had an hour to dress up and prepare for the competition. Emily Goodman from G2 and Ori Amiel from B2 were crowned victors.

When the night activity ended everybody headed off to “Maariv” when director, Leon Covitz announced that Sephardic Adventure Camp would be changed to Seattle Ashkenazic Camp. This was a breakout for the records, campers and staff alike were OUTRAGED! For a good 12 hours everybody was convinced that the camp would be making the official switch on Friday.

Wednesday morning during breakfast when SAMIS members arrived they entered the mess hall with a banner and announced 2012 Color war!!!!!


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