Evening Programs

Sunday night’s evening program was SAC idol! Cabins were each given a song to preform in front of camp. Everybody had to learn the lyrics to their song and choreograph a dance that went with it. B3 won by shaking their coulikous to ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus. All 5 performances were extremely entertaining and fun!

B1- ABC easy as 123 by Jackson 5

B2- Barbie Girl by Aqua

G2- California Girls by Katy Perry

G3- You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift

Monday night’s night activity was “Messy Double Dare”. Campers were split into 4 teams where they had to answer different questions from the following categories: SAC History, Israel and Jewish Trivia, Sephardic Tradition and Miscellaneous. The campers took turns taking on challenges like eating Ketchupy M&Ms, barbeque sauce, bubble gum and more. Since everyone was already covered from head to toe, they all headed to the lake to “wash up” (don’t worry they all had proper showers after.)

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