Welcome to SAC 2012!

Welcome to the SAC blog! Sorry we are late we’ve just been having too much fun.

On Wednesday afternoon the campers arrived to SAC and gathered into the mess hall where they were introduced to their counselors and the rest of the camp staff. Together we sang and danced to our camp song “Ojo de Hamsa”. The campers then settled into their bunks where they got time to unpack and get to know each other better with ice breakers and games. The campers chose their chugim and activities for the next 2 weeks. After dinner the whole camp partook in our first night activity of the summer, “Messy Scavenger Hunt”. The campers had to run around camp to find different stations where they had to do a messy challenge in order to receive a token. The first bunk to find them all and complete each task was crowned the winner. B3 was the winner of that night activity. Of course, no messy SAC activity is complete without everybody jumping into the lake! After everybody enjoyed a nice dip in the lake, a bonfire was made in the fire pit where the campers got to make smores and dry off. For a first night treat, all the counselors joined their campers as they headed off to bed.

Day 2 began with the regular everyday SAC schedule filled with sports, arts and crafts, swim, archery, yoga and more! This year, our campers have the option to enjoy our brand new media center! Many campers have taken advantage of this and can can be seen running around SAC videoing other camper activities. Throughout the day, every bunk took turns inner tubing on our beloved lost lake. The night activity for day 2 at SAC was “Iron Chef” where the secret ingredient was pineapple. Each bunk made a delicious 3 course menu. They were judged on creativity, presentation and taste. Iron chef was judged by our very own head chef Eli Varon, who named G2 the winners, probably because of their creative invention of pineapple marshmallow quesadillas.

Today, the campers filled out shabbat-o-grams at lunch. Shabbat-o-grams were made and decorated by the arts and crafts chugim. At dinner tonight, campers will receive the shabbat-o-grams which contain messages and inside jokes (and of course a yummy treat) from their friends, bunk mates and counselors.

After the normal afternoon activities, the campers gathered at the water front for a counselor vs. camper water fight. Drenched and smiling, the campers retreated to their bunks to prepare for shabbat. We are all really looking forward to a relaxing first shabbat at camp!

Shabbat Shalom!!




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