SAC Day 14

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Yesterday was Mashiach Day (Massiah day)! During Shiur we explored what it would be like during the times of Mashiach. Campers asked amazing questions; Who will come back to life? How different will the world look? Will we give korbanot, animal sacrifices? Is it okay to be scared of change? At SAC Workshop Today, Al Benoliel helped the campers make their own personalized Hamsas plates. At lunch time, we had a ‘futuristic’ glow in the dark meal! The room was dark and we had glowsticks for each camper. We blasted “Mashiach” music and danced around, imagining what the “future” Mashiach will be like. 

Besides that, there was Ziplining, Basketball, boating, and specific time designated for bunks to work on their Bunk Songs! Last night was our camp Banquet, where Carol Jacobson set up the dining hall for a fancy evening. The tables had napkins beautifully arranged in cups, mason jars with sparkled candles and candy as an appetizer, and twinkly lights were put up all across the walls and ceiling. We ate Italian meatballs with a zesty marina sauce over a bed of rice, and the vegetarians had a five-veggie stew. For dessert there were some stylish Oreo cupcakes, and the kids and staff couldn’t get enough! Then, each bunk took their turn presenting their Bunk Songs, highlights were B1’s “We Are Never Ever, Ever – Getting in the Shower,” B3’s “Ain’t No Cabin Cleaner Than,” and “If We Were You, We’d Wanna Be G2.” Today is going to be a busy day full of packing, cleaning, and the SAC Talent Show!

Al Vermos,

Rachel Benezra Devine

Communications Director

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