SAC Day 9: Color War Day 2

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Today’s blog post is coming to you from Head Boys Counselor, Raphael Alcabes. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Color war a hoot!

The CIT’s started off their day bright and early, waking up the campers to get to Shachrit on time. They rose to the occasions in their leadership roles in camp and put what they’re learning into practice. It was a day full of competitions, wackiness and lots of good food. Shout out to the kitchen crew for some delicious post 9 days fried chicken, coleslaw, and tofu stir-fry for the vegetarians at camp.

From water sports to Messy Wrestling, the Apache relay race to “All Camp Soccer”, color war was filled with competition, ruach and oodles of fun.

Dinner featured a mind blowing 30 minute Pizmon-Off. Teams went back and forth singing Ladino and Sephardic tunes and brought old tunes and new tunes alive. They then headed off to presentations, where teams sang a Ladino Song (Avraham Avinu and Ken Su Pience), there was a dvar torah by Moises Tache and Maor Neim, a banner featuring their theme, Yom and Layla, and finally a personalized song, which you can check out on Facebook. Highlights from the presentations included times when the entire camp was getting up and dancing and singing. In the end, the blue team pulled away with a win.

Adorably, all the mascots were the B1 and G1 campers. Often those are the campers during color war that need to fight to find their place. This year, those campers are the ones that made everyones day brighter. Everyone was included and each person held a unique contribution to their team.

Even though one team might have beat the other, it ended with a lot of unity – a camp wide dance party!

Al Vermos,

Raphael Alcabes and Rachel Benezra Devine


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