SAC Day 8: Color War!

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Yesterday started off with delicious pancakes made by our amazing kitchen crew, Danny, Yael, Eden, Miriam and Ayelet, and listening to a Disney music playlist. Then the campers went on to their regular activities, like Archery, Ziplining, Art, Sports, and more. What the kids didn’t know was that all of the staff were secretly planning the Color War breakout for lunchtime! After eating some amazing pizza, lunch ended with the Campsite Manager, Brandon, scolding us about our “garbage problem” and told us we were attracting bears! He sent everybody to immediately clean up the cabins and surrounding areas, but much to their surprise, the amazing and creative CITs were anxiously hiding in their cabins, ready to jump out at the kids, and tell them about Color War breakout! Immediately from there we all went to the big field where we had a dance party and announced teams. Then, after Mincha, everybody went to change into their team colors, black or blue, and met with their team to get painted, learn team cheers, and get assigned to a job on the team, like decorating the banner, or competing in certain games.

Our first competition was the relay race, including games like egg on a spoon, the three legged race, pass the balloon, and other fun contests where they won points. Then there were sports competitions including basketball, volleyball, kickball, and football.

We had a Silent dinner, which is a SAC tradition, where the campers have to try to be quiet despite staff and team leaders from the opposite team being allowed to speak to them. Then was the highly anticipated camp-wide game of capture the flag. A large portion of the points are scored at this event, so it’s a big deal to the winners, but a fun time was had by all. 

The winning team will be announced tomorrow, stay tuned!

Al Vermos,

Rachel Benezra Devine

Communications Director


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