SAC Day 3

Queridos Madres y Padres,

I heard so many campers telling me that yesterday was their favorite day at camp, ever! First thing in the morning, right after Shachrit, the B1 and B2 boys left camp to go horseback riding on the beach! Meanwhile, everybody else at camp had their own busy schedule, starting with sessions and cabin cleanup, and today B3 won the toilet seat. Everybody has been shocked and impressed with how clean the older boys bunks are this year (a big Kadima to their counselors, Isaac Levy, Arieh Levy, Ben Abutbul and Ophir Amon!) There was arts and crafts, more beach trips and ziplining, and for SAC Workshops today, Margot and Josh Botwinick helped the campers make modge-podge tzedakah boxes. The younger boys returned from horse riding right before lunch, where we had enchiladas, rice and guacamole, and then after lunch G1 and G2 got their turn to ride horses.

Today was also our very first day with Chugim! During this time, the campers got to choose between Archery, Sports, Wilderness, Art, Cooking, Water Games, and SAC News (which I run). Each chug started with some fun icebreakers. The cooking chug baked one big cookie, in Art they made glitter slime, and then, after shower time and dinner we had an all camp game of Sephardic Top Chef. The entire camp was split into 8 teams, including kids from each bunk and had to come up with an Appetizer, Dinner, and Dessert with special ingredients like Dijon mustard, Cool Whip, butterscotch pudding, hot sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, and graham crackers. Then they had to title their groups and plates with Ladino names. The group that won was called De La Madre. It was so amazing to see so many different campers getting along and working with people from all over camp. Everyone had an amazing time (except for some of the judges), and we all can’t wait for our first Shabbat at camp!

Most Popular Candy at the SAC Snack Shack: Peppermint York Patties

Ladino Word of the Day: Safra de’mareh tav, which is an Aramaic code word meaning “good morning”, however it’s only said when ones hasn’t yet said tefillah yet. An appropriate response would be “Tav le’mareh”.

Al Vuermos,

Rachel Benezra Devine

Communications Director


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