SAC Day 2

Queridos Madres y Padres,

What a day it has been! We started off the morning with a pre-Shacharit “Cocoa la Boca,” an optional event where the kids wake up early to drink hot chocolate and learn about the Rambam. This was our most popular one in all of SAC history; there were almost 70 kids there! Right after breakfast kids went to Shiurim/ Sessions led by people including, but not limited to, our Camp Mom Deena Hadar, Josh and Margot Botwinick, Jeffrey Owen, Chacham Aryeh Greenberg, and Carol Mirkin. We had this year’s very first Toilet Seat award, an age-old Sephardic Adventure Camp tradition for best cabin cleanup, and it was given to the B4 boys! There were also so many fun and adventurous activities, it was hard to keep track. There was kayaking, hiking, ziplining, sports, and even a trip to the beach. During Arts and Crafts, campers made friendship bracelets and created masterpieces on a canvas with colorful melted crayons. Right before dinner we had all campers gather around the fire-pit for a planned fire drill, which went successfully and, si kiera el Dio (with the help of G-d) we will never actually have to use it. The night activities were split up by age. The younger girls and boys competed against each other in “Minute to Win-it!” In one competition they had to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. The older boys and girls had a “Battle of the Sexes.” They got quizzed on information the other gender would know like “What are 5 ways that girls can style their hair?” and “Name 10 sports cars.” The kids had so much fun that they didn’t even care about the prizes!

Most Popular Candy at the SAC Snack Shack: Airheads!

Sephardic Word of the Day: Aryeh Chacham Greenberg introduced the word Avagar/ Avagaricu, which it means to slow down. Feel free to quiz your campers on this when they get home!

Al Vuermos,

Rachel Benezra Devine

Communications Director

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