SAC Day 6

Queridos Madres y Padres, After coming off of Shabbat, the campers started Sunday with sessions, where the leaders went over the Rambam’s concepts of love and fear of G-d and how we interpret this from a Sephardic perspective. To bring these concepts to life, the teachers brought various props and action-oriented games and stories along […]

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SAC 2017 Shabbat #1

Queridos Madres y Padres, For today’s Shabbat blog I interviewed SAC’s Sephardic Educator, Aryeh Chacham Greenberg about his personal highlights from Shabbat. This is what he said. Friday afternoon I, along with the Eruv crew, was busy working until the last possible minute. We have never been to this campsite, which made the eruv setup […]

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SAC Day 3

Queridos Madres y Padres, I heard so many campers telling me that yesterday was their favorite day at camp, ever! First thing in the morning, right after Shachrit, the B1 and B2 boys left camp to go horseback riding on the beach! Meanwhile, everybody else at camp had their own busy schedule, starting with sessions […]

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SAC Day 2

Queridos Madres y Padres, What a day it has been! We started off the morning with a pre-Shacharit “Cocoa la Boca,” an optional event where the kids wake up early to drink hot chocolate and learn about the Rambam. This was our most popular one in all of SAC history; there were almost 70 kids […]

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First day at SAC 2017!

Queridos Madres y Padres, The kids are finally here! Although we’ve only had a half-day with them, we’ve already done so much. One kid actually said, “It feels like we’ve been here for a week!” When the campers from the first bus started rolling off they immediately found their counselors, and started doing icebreakers with […]

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