August 10th, 2016 – Latest Update

Queridos Madres y Padres,

Today started like any other SAC day: Tefila, breakfast of oatmeal, eggs and toast, sessions and cabin cleanup. However, lunch was a bit peculiar. The head staff showed up looking like Carol, Shuey, Laurel and Quinn, with camp tshirts, and their usual garb – but there was something a little different about them. Maybe they weren’t singing our tunes like we normally did, or making announcements like they were normally made. After singing Ya Komimos with us and announcing the Toilet Seat Winner to G2 (the cleanest bunk), the Camp Solomon Schechter head staff announced COLOR WAR!

Campers were divided into two teams: Blue – Chessed (charity), and Green – Achdut (unity), and were judged throughout the day on a few things:

  • Ruach (energy)
  • Sportsmanship
  • Trying your hardest
  • All camper involvement in activities
  • Winning activities

After having some team time, each team headed to the softball field for team races, such as the 3-legged race, orange-neck-passes  (holding an orange in your shoulder and passing it to a friend through their neck), the shoe game, Name that Tune and more. Dinner was a spirit-filled dinner, filled with songs, cheers and, more obviously, dancing. Tonight we played the annual game of All-Camp Capture the Flag, but on our new turf. A fun time was had by all and we can’t wait for another day filled with spirit and excitement!

A few SAC reminders/announcements:

  • Parents can send letters to SAC and/or emailed to These emails are printed and distributed daily.
  • Packages sent to Schechter should not include food. Food that is sent to camp will be put aside until the end of camp by the office.
  • Daily updates and photos will generally be posted in the afternoon before 6pm
  • If you want to sponsor an event/activity at SAC, please email, or go to our website at and go to the “Donate/Donors” page.

Back to having Sephardic Adventures,

Chana Shefa, Director

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