August 9th, 2016 – Ways to be part of SAC

Dear Parents, Grandparents, Family and Friends,

SAC is in full swing and the kids are having a blast! Campers are decked out in their cachol velavan (blue and white)  today in honor of Israel Day, and are visiting different cities of Israel in stations. They are swimming in Eilat, painting in Tzfat, visiting our shuk (marketplace) in Jerusalem, going on a tiyul (hike) up North and baking pita on a taboon. Some older bunks even got up at 5am for a sunrise hike with Quinn!

This is just one day at SAC but every day the campers move from activity to activity, having fun and engaging in new and interesting hobbies. We are able to offer exciting electives with the help of our volunteers and donors, like Al Benoliel who came to camp to teach the campers how to do woodworking, and Anna Aliza Rosenbaum, who donated leather scraps to our art room.  These add a huge value to the camp experience!

Theme days, spectacular activities, and bonding with counselors are all in full force and the kids are having a blast!

Another thrilling piece of SAC 2016 is the opportunity our experienced SAC kids have to meet new campers and form the greatest friendships with kids from all over the country and the world. With 50 kids from Seattle, 14 kids from California, 6 from Florida, 3 from Alaska, 6 from Vancouver, 4 from NY and 4 from Israel (not to mention our 2 counselors from Spain), we are a true international crew! The campers love making new friendships, exploring new hobbies and having a great time all day long!

Our stellar programming and activities are made possible by the generous support of our camp families and friends.  Your donation gives our campers the opportunity to experience meaningful and fun Sephardic Jewish life in a positive environment.  Our campers are thriving because of the donations from our camp community and families like yours!

Just like last year’s successful sponsorship program, you have the opportunity to make a difference at camp now by sponsoring an activity of your choice!  You can also follow the link below to make a donation in the amount of your choosing.

We know your children and grandchildren are having a blast at camp and we thank you for your support as we continue to provide awesome experiences and develop friendships that will last a lifetime!

Our Sponsorship Opportunities:
Shabbat Pizmonim : $75
Color War : $360
Israel Day: $360
Sephardic Counselor Hunt: $50
Nonna Play part 2 : $36
Nonna Play part 3: $36
Tisha Ba’av Activities: $150
Erev Shabbat water fight: $36
Challenge Course: $250
Boating: $75
General Meal:  $200
Siyum during the 9-days : $150
Snacks: $50
Salmon Bake: $250
Shabbat Kiddush (borekas, fritatha): $150
Break Fast for Tishaa Baav: $250
Bonfire: $100
Cabin Party: $75
Want to donate goods or supplies?  Please email me directly at

Donations can be made by going to the “donate” page of our website:

You will find payment options including a link to our paypal site.  If using Paypal, please make sure to include the program you would like to sponsor or note that it is an “unspecified” donation in the memo notes on the second page of the paypal site.

Thank you for your generosity!

With gratitude!
Chana Shefa, Director

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  1. Jason Tache says:

    We donated $250
    For break the fast for Tisha Be Aviva.
    In honor of our children Jeni, Moises, and Abby Tachè.
    Thank you for all your hard work.
    We submitted it via pay pall. If there are any issues please call Marilyn at 9548828767

    Jason and Marilyn Tachè

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