August 7th, 2016 – SAC News & Updates

Queridos Madres y Padres (“Dear Mom and Dad” for those new to Ladino),

SAC is in full swing and campers have found themselves at home here at camp SAComen Schechter. Friday was filled with fun activities, and while the boys played sports, including basketball, soccer and gaga, the girls had a Henna and Dance party, almost exactly like it was done back in the Old Country. All campers and staff took the swim test on Friday in preparation for today’s swim and then a water fight ensued, as per camp tradition.

Shabbat this week was like none that I’ve experienced yet at SAC. It started with our special Kabalat Shabbat Tefila and continued into our Cheder Ochel, where campers enjoyed BBQ chicken, rice, meatballs, salad and fruit for dinner.

Then the singing started. And it didn’t stop until past 11pm.

The singing radiated off Munn Lake, as the boys moshed to Yoduchai Rayonai, and the girls Sephardi danced to Dror Yikra. Each camper was encouraged to use their “shabbat instruments” and clapped, snapped, drummed the table and sang along as much as possible. As tradition goes, we sang Big Gedalya Gumber, with our personalized lyrics, and ran down the list of the rest of our SAC classics.

And the singing went on and on. Borekas were ignored at lunch – the campers and counselors just wanted to sing. Shabechi Yerushalayim, Hashem Melech, Agadelcha, Kah Ribon, Tzur Mishelo – were some of the highlighted moments of lunch. After a relaxing few hours that afternoon, SAC and Schechter united for song singing. We square danced to Ein Kelokeinu, learned a song about wizards learning about Judaism around the world, and taught them “There’s No Other Day Like Shabbat!” – although this time “Achdut” was The Word.
Shabbat ended with a beautiful havdala, and the 3s, 4s, CITs and Staff headed out to a basketball tournament, with Layla Tov for the younger bunks.

Today’s weather showed rain and clouds – but our spirits are high in the sky. Campers are out on the lake this morning, kayaking, SUPing and swimming, while others are playing gaga in the rain, or tie-dying their camp t-shirts.

Just another day of Sephardic Adventures out here.

Al Vermos,
Chana Shefa, Director

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