Yom Yisrael

Israel day at SAC is always a blast! Yesterday, we started the day off praying in the lodge, which was decked out in Israeli flags. We prayed for our homeland, for the people in Israel and for the safety of our soldiers.

After an Israeli style breakfast, the boys headed down to the field for an army training program lead by our awesome CITs, while the girls did Israeli dancing with Racheli Hemmat. The boys learned many different commands that Israeli soldiers use in the army during training, such as “lkfutz,” which means “to jump” in Hebrew. The training included many different obstacle courses, a water balloon toss and sprints up and down the field. They loved it! With Racheli, the girls learned some awesome Israeli dance moves. After the boys finished the army training and the girls finished dancing, the girls headed to the field for the army training and the boys learned Krav Maga with Quinn. All the peulot were awesome!

For lunch, the kitchen crew, along with Racheli, made amazing homemade pita for our Israeli style meal. We enjoyed chummus, israeli salad and matbucha. It was delicious! Afterwards Racheli led an Israeli cooking session for the entire camp; they made delicious apple cinnamon baklava (no nuts!). We loved having Racheli up at camp with us; she brought a contagious energy and definitely some delicious food!

After a quick, but very restful menucha, the older campers watched Beneath the Helmet, a movie that follows the lives of three different Israeli soldiers. Following that, we had a ceremony in the lodge, with an awesome daglanut performance by the 1s and 2s, a historical presentation by the 3s and 4s and a commemoration for fallen soldiers, led by the CITs. We also watched a short video and heard from all different people about what living in Israel is like, and what serving in the army means to our very own Seattleite, Josh Voss. The ceremony was very meaningful!

After a delicious dinner, the counselors and CITs covered all the windows in the mess hall with cardboard paper, and we had an awesome Glowgiga in the mess hall! We had glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces and balloons. The campers and CITs danced their hearts out, and some went to the basketball court to play glow in the dark basketball and glow in the dark bowling. We had a ton of fun rocking out to all different types of Israeli music!

Israel day was definitely a blast! Today started with a fakeout breakout for color war during breakfast, which led to the actual color war break out! Today is jam packed with all different types of color war activities such a Olympiada (messy olympics), all camp soccer and capture the flag! Let the best team win!


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