Hip-Hop Monday

On Monday we had a special treat – in addition to the usual paddle boarding and paddle boat activities that campers enjoy on a daily basis, we had a surprise visit from Jay and Joe Agoado in a motorboat. Speeding out to Dead Man’s Island was a thrilling – and, for those who jumped off at the end, very wet – adventure. Campers compared speeds afterward, with every bunk insisting that they had caught the fastest ride. Many thanks to the Agoados for providing another exciting way to take advantage of our beautiful lake!

The G2 and G3 bunks attended Salon SAC when their counselors made them colorful hair wraps or dyed their hair (temporarily) pink with Kool Aid. Meanwhile, the boys enjoyed a great game of Ultimate Frisbee. Dancing is a staple of almost every meal at Sephardic Adventure Camp, as basic as the multiple cups of water we drink at the beginning of the meal to stay hydrated and the delicious watermelon cubes that disappear a few minutes after they’re brought out. Campers often spontaneously burst into their favorite moves at the front of the mess hall with an enthusiasm and talent that is matched only by their counselors. Last night after dinner, the camp-wide dance obsession turned professional. Campers and counselors alike took the floor when Angel, a hip-hop dancer and instructor, showed us some new moves to spice up some of our favorite songs. She encouraged us to practice the harder moves frequently – not that encouragement was needed. By the end of this week, our campers will have their new routines down perfectly.

The CIT campers jumped into the activity at the end, having just returned from an awesome overnight camping trip that included hiking, a ropes course, and a beautiful bonfire. The hip-hop event fit with the day’s theme of health and fitness – as well as the timeless camp theme of having fun.

Today is Israel Day! The day is jam-packed with campers and staff taking turns to show the rest of the camp why Israel matters to us. Activities on Israel Day this year include a theatrical reenactment by the campers of the UN partition vote in 1947, ceremonies and discussions highlighting our current connection to Israel, Israeli cooking, krav maga lessons, and a special showing of the new film Beneath the Helmet. We’ve got our blue and white on and we’re ready to run this chagigah (celebration) Israel-style!



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