Day 4: The ‘Do You Know What That IS?’ Issue


Laboca and Cocoa: A new tradition at SAC, campers can arrive to the Cheder Ochel (Mess Hall) before tefila starts to drink hot cocoa and learn with one of the staff, Rabbis, or CITs. Some hot topics we have discussed so far are:

  • If you could create your own “bracha”, what would it be for and what would the bracha say?
  • Why did our tshirts say #bivas?

Sephardic Baking: It’s the chug (elective) that will make our Nonas proud. Yaprakes, boikus, borekas – oh my!

Leagues: Campers get to choose different sports/activities to compete in with their team. Some teams include soccer, boating, basketball, bracelet making and others! Every other day, the teams compete until the championship game next week!

CIT program: Current high school kids join our amazing CIT Directors, Ilana Greenberg and David Kintzer, to learn how to be a leader in their communities. Each day, the campers learn how to overcome challenges during Physical Fun, learn important Torah ideas in shiurim, have time to spend with campers, and have other trips and activities geared towards good decision making, teamwork, and being of-service to others. They are truly amazing and have a wonderful impact on our camp!

COD: Otherwise known as Counselor On Duty. Each night, after lights out for campers, 3 staff members reside on both the girls and boys campuses, to keep an eye on the campers. They rotate in and out of each bunk every 15 minutes to check on campers, until one counselor from each bunk comes to check-in to their bunks for evening, before 1am.

Toilet Seat: Each bunk has 45 minutes each day to clean their bunk, and their respective campuses. The bunk with the cleanest and most organized cabin gets awarded the prestigious “toilet seat”, a CLEAN, painted toilet seat that they can proudly hang in their bunk until the next day.

Alimpyar: Each day one bunk is in charge of Alimpyar, or clean up (and set up) duty.  They are in charge of setting up the cheder ochel for the entire camp, and cleaning up after the meal, including wiping down tables and sweeping the floor. We all work together to keep our camp clean!

We know there’s a heat wave coming our way this weekend –  kids are preparing with sunscreen and lots of water all day long!


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