Day 3: #blessedtoimpress

Queridos Madres y Padres,

What am I #thankful for, might you ask? Smiling kids, caring counselors, thoughtful educators, sunshine, paddle boards, all camp soccer and ridiculously delicious Sephardic food. The common denominator, of course, being all things that make SAC amazing.

After learning about Gd’s divide plan for the world on day 1, according to our theme this summer, #blessed, the campers learned about finding Gd in nature. Throughout the day, campers went on a meldar-walk (walking and learning) with Hazzan Aryeh Greenberg, to experience Gd’s creation together. Campers spent most of the day playing sports, baking boikus, making friendship bracelets and lots and lots of boating. I mean a ton; Paddle boats, kayaks and stand up paddle boards filled our beautiful Lost Lake.  Later in the evening, campers competed in Cake Wars, (check out the pictures on facebook.) Although we were going for a creation/nature theme, it ended up being a little more like tohu va’vohu (chaos). All in all, kids were smiling and had a great day.

After lights out for the campers, the CITs (with CIT Directors) experienced their first C.O.D. (counselor on duty), so that we could show our staff appreciation for their hard work, with nachos, margaritas (virgin of course), elephant ears and a lot of laughter for a Cinco de SAC-o event. Can I get a kadima to them! LOUDER!

Today, our G3, B3 and B4 boys are taking off for their camping trip to the Olympic National Forest! We’ve got some great hikes, beautiful sights, smores and campfire stories planned for them, while the 1’s and 2’s are the big men and women on campus for a day!  I’m sure we will have fun!

From today until tomorrow, you should be #blessed!

Chana Shefa, Director



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