Queridos Madres y Padres (“Dear Mom and Dad” for those new to Ladino),

As the kids arrived at camp yesterday with smiles on their faces, and danced their kulicus off to Ojo de Hamsa (see staff video on facebook), we sighed a sigh of relief and gave deep thanks for the Jewish summer camp experience. SAC is our home, our fun zone, our place of exploration; it’s where the past is uncovered and the future is built. We are so pumped to be here!

After ice breakers, team building games, and some time to settle into their bunks, our camp got together to learn each others’ names during Human “Guess Who”. Our amazing chef, Shulamit, and her crew, made an all-star BBQ dinner, which was followed by a scavenger hunt, that ended with bunk themed songs. Perhaps the most memorable song was B-I-V-A-S (to the tune of YMCA) – it’s pretty catchy…

The evening ended with Arvit, bunk conversations with myself, the counselors, and the respective head counselors, reminding kids of our bullying and raiding policies, and ways to keep camp safe and fun!

As campers sunscreen and hydrate up, we are off to some all-camp soccer, swimming, sephardic baking and much much more!


dancing to Ojo De Hamsa

dancing to Ojo De Hamsa

Looking forward to a great summer and remember to friend us on facebook for picture and camp sponsorship opportunities – Sac Camp!



Chana Shefa, Director


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