Am Yisrael Chai, Israel and S.A.C at 65!

Do you know what the five holy cities in Israel are?  Can you name at least three of the vast number of innovations created in Israel?  Ever heard this song by the Y-Studs?  The answers to these questions are just a few of the things that Sephardic Adventure Campers learned during Israel Day programming today.  […]

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Spotlight on Sessions

Today during their bunk activity, the G4 girls gained some journalism experience by formulating questions and interviewing both Chacham Aryeh Greenberg and Rabbi Owen about the sessions that they had taught that day.  Below is the synthesized information.  This project was a collaborated effort between myself (Makena), Rabbi Owen, and Chacham Aryeh: Chacham Aryeh has […]

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S.A.B.T at S.A.C (Shiva Asar B’Tammuz at Sephardic Adventure Camp)

We have just recently broken the fast of Shiva Asar B’Tammuz, the 17th of Tammuz, here at Sephardic Adventure Camp.  Those campers who were fasting filled their bellies with delicious Chinese stir fry and are now headed to the lodge with gooey brownies in hand to watch “Wreck it Ralph.” Today at S.A.C, our educational […]

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Rain or Shine, We WILL Have Sephardic Adventures!

The weather at Sephardic Adventure Camp today experienced severe mood swings.  It changed from torrential downpours, to peacefully sunny skies, to light and obnoxious drizzles all in a manner of minutes.  But aren’t these unexpected inconveniences the perfect ingredients for some Sephardic Adventures?  Absolutely!  Nothing stopped our campers today from enjoying their first day of […]

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“Drivin’ Up to Sephardic Camp…” – Day 1

…And we’re finally here!  Today was the first official day of Sephardic Adventure Camp and it started out with a bang – literally.  Campers rushed off the bus into the Hadar Ochel (Mess Hall) to sing the age-old, official, traditional S.A.C Song, complete with dancing on benches and banging on tables.  Of course, no first […]

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